WB Type FR & FRLC Fire Rated Floor Hatch

Maintains the fire rating of a 2-hour floor/ceiling assembly where access is required between building floors. Features include an optional UL Listed automatic closing system, intumescent fire resistant coating, and a pan cover designed to accept architectural flooring materials. New self-closing mechanism with simplified design takes up less frame area. Specify Type FR-LC if closing mechanism is not required by local fire authorities having jurisdiction. By Bilco.

Construction Specifications:
Material: Cover and frame are 1/4" aluminum
Cover: Aluminum plate reinforced for 150 psf (732 kg/m2) live load
Frame: Extruded aluminum frame with built in anchor flange around the perimeter
Hinges: Continuous heavy-duty Type 316 stainless steel hinge
Latch: Pneumatic self closing system that automatically closes the door in the event of a fire when heat parts a UL-listed 165F (74C) fusible link
Lift Assistance: Compression spring operators enclosed in telescopic tubes.
Performance Ratings: Tested in accordance with ASTM E119, NFPA 251, BS476: Part 22 and UL-Listed (File R15197) as having a 2-hour fire rating when exposed to fire from the underside.
Compliance: Self-closing mechanism complies with ASTM E119, NFPA 80, NFPA 251 and BS476: Part 22
Finish: Mill finish aluminum with a bituminous coating applied to the exterior of the frame
Hardware: Engineered composite compression spring tubes. Steel compression springs with electrocoated acrylic finish. Type 316 stainless steel hinges. All other hardware is zinc plated/chromate sealed.

WB Type FR & FRLC Fire Rated Floor Hatch
S-WB Type FR & FRLC Fire Rated Floor Hatch
Fire Rated Floor Hatch - Type FR & FRLC

Type FR & FRLC Diagram

CAD Item # Size W x H Shipping Wt. Lbs.
FR-2 Aluminum 30 x 30 271
FR-3 Aluminum 36 x 30 277
FR-4 Aluminum 36 x 36 326
FR-5 Aluminum 42 x 42 368
FR-6 Aluminum 30 x 48 328
FR-LC available upon request if closing mechanism is not required by local fire authorities having jurisdiction