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Access Doors Custom Finishing Options

At Williams Brothers, we have a long history of focusing on quality above all else. Every access door you purchase from us will meet high standards, including long-lasting and uniform parts that align with existing surfaces and protect sensitive spaces. However, if you want your door to last as long as possible or blend into your d├ęcor even better, the following finishing options will allow you to maximize your investment. Whether you need a tough access door that withstands weather conditions or a discrete access door that doesn't call attention to itself, we're proud to provide plenty of metal and enamel finishes that will last for years to come.

Galvanized Steel

Steel is an ideal metal for access doors, because it's sturdy enough to withstand most accidental and intentional damage. If someone wants to break into your built-in safe or tamper with your fuse box, steel will stand in their way. However, steel is also sensitive to surface damage and oxygen, so a steel access door may eventually get covered in rust and scratches. That's why we recommend galvanized steel for outdoor access doors and other industrial applications.

Galvanizing is a multi-stage process that coats steel in melted zinc, creating a chemical reaction that binds the two metals to one another. Because zinc is anti-corrosive and scratch-resistant, galvanized steel avoids many of steel's aesthetic setbacks while taking full advantage of its protective qualities. Our galvanized steel access doors have a satin-like finish that doesn't cause bright glares.

Stainless Steel

While galvanized steel has a zinc coating that adds thickness and weight, stainless steel may be a more attractive option for access doors that serve special purposes. Fire-rated doors, security doors, and highly visible doors are three examples of ideal candidates for a stainless steel finish. Unlike galvanized steel, which is dipped in hot zinc, stainless steel is actually a steel alloy that includes significant amounts of chromium.

We offer several types of stainless steel, but the most common are types 304 and 316. The higher the number, the more chromium it contains, making the access door more durable and scratch-resistant. Chromium, along with protective ingredients such as nickel, also prevents the steel from getting too hot. This is particularly useful for fire-rated access doors that must meet a minimum standard of thermal and flame resistance.

All of our stainless steel access doors are available with a brushed or unbrushed satin finish, allowing you to further customize the way it blends in with its surroundings.

Baked Enamel

Many of our general access doors come with a baked gray or white enamel finish, which resembles the appearance of dried acrylic paint or plastic. Baked enamel access doors are actually made out of metal, often aluminum, which was reinforced with an additional layer of specialized paint. After the paint is applied to the metal, it's heated in an oven at temperatures that are high enough to bond the two products, yet low enough to result in a smooth finish.

If baked enamel were created in hotter conditions, the results would resemble a powder finish instead of smooth paint. Our specialized process actually achieves the best of both worlds, fortifying your door without appearing as an extra layer. If you need an access door for a crawlspace or outdoor area, a baked enamel finish is sufficient for resisting heat and scratches.

Rust-Inhibiting Finish

If your metal access door will be outside, near plumbing fixtures, or otherwise exposed to humidity and condensation, rust prevention should be a top priority. Many of our fire-rated and exterior access doors are finished with a rust-preventing alkyd primer. This oxide primer, which is available in earthy shades like brick red and matte gray, contains adhesive chemicals that prevent corrosion while ensuring the finish is permanent. Some of our baked enamel is also alkyd-based for the same reason.

Heavy-duty roof and drywall access doors are also designed with their hinge hardware fully concealed. This protects each door's smallest and most important parts from weather-related corrosion, because too much rust-inhibiting coating would thicken the components too much to function smoothly.

Zinc Coating

Galvanized steel is dipped in hot zinc to prevent rust and scratches, making it a perfect choice for spots with a lot of foot traffic. However, many access doors have zinc-plated hardware that relies on the sturdy finish to keep each door's hinges and locking mechanism in working order. For example, an access door with a spring latch may contain zinc-coated tubes that encase its compression rings, preventing wear and tear in addition to condensation buildup.

A combination of zinc coating and a chromate seal is common in fire vents and fire-rated access doors. Together, these finishes replicate the respective benefits of galvanized steel and stainless steel, allowing your access door to last for years without allowing small bits of moisture to compromise its original fire rating.


Custom colors are also available on every access door. We'll work with you to perfect the exact hue you need, and make sure we use paint products and finishing techniques that preserve the protective and durable features of your high-quality custom access door.

Customize Your Access Door With Unique Finishes

We want your building to last, and access doors often protect equipment and passageways that are essential to your safety and structural integrity. That's why we expanded our inventory to include hundreds of different access doors, and why we made your selection even easier with a variety of optional coatings and metal reinforcements. Contact us for more information about our finishing options and other customizable features.

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