New GY 3000 Series Gypsum & Cement Access Panels

A Range of Styles & Sizes

Panels are offered in 6 different styles, including square, round and hinged, and a range of sizes to enable easy access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other building systems.

GY 3000 Drop-in Ceiling Access Panel

Concealed, Stealth Appearance

Designed for tape-in installation, the WB GY 3000 Series Gypsum (GFRG) Access Panels offer an aesthetically pleasing, stealth appearance in drywall ceilings and walls with a tapered edge design that blends in seamlessly with the surrounding area. The WB EXT GY 3000 Series Cement (GFRC) Access Panels are ideal for exterior applications including soffits, porte-cochere, covered drive-up or any other exterior location where discreet, concealed access is desired.

No Warping, Cracking or Sagging

Panels feature lightweight, glass fiber reinforced gypsum or cement construction that offers high compressive strength with no warping, cracking or sagging. These panels can’t rust and are moisture resistant to prevent mold and fungus growth.