Bilco Floor Hatches & Doors

Williams Brothers - WB BILCO TYPE FR & FRLC Series Fire-Rated Floor Hatch / Door

Bilco Floor Hatches and Doors are designed to provide efficient and secure service access to critical areas under floors and on roofs for a wide range of commercial, industrial, institutional and residential applications. Ideal for both new and retrofit building projects, our floor hatches are suitable for use on a variety of surfaces enabling easy access to mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other building systems.
Sizes & Options
Bilco Floor Hatches and Doors are available in a wide range of sizes designed to fit common framing dimensions with special sizes and modifications available upon request. Popular sizes include 24×24, 24×36, 30×30, 36×36, 36×48 and more. We also offer many additional features such as drainage troughs, locks, gasketing, choice of finishes and custom color paints.
Williams Brothers prides itself on the differences we bring to our products. We chose to represent the Bilco line of hatches based on their reputation for high quality, innovative products.
Product Highlights
Basic: The WB Type Q Series Floor Hatch is an economical solution featuring non-drainage single leaf covers that are constructed of 1/4″ steel diamond pattern plate and reinforced for a 150 lb/ft2 (732 kg/m2) live load. This door comes complete with zinc plated, chromate sealed hardware, concealed hinges, and the T-CAM® lifting system for ease of operation.

Fire-Rated: The WB FR & FRLC Series Fire-Rated Floor Hatch maintains the fire rating of a 2-hour floor/ceiling assembly where access is required between building floors. Featuring the latest fire-resistant technology, the model FR Hatch incorporates an automatic, heat triggered closing mechanism to protect floors above from fire below.