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Williams Brothers - WB ADWT Series Airtight/Watertight Access Door / Panel

The Only Access Panel Tested for Air Infiltration and Water Penetration!

The WB ADWT Series Airtight/Watertight Access Door is a durable, flush access panel designed for installation in walls and ceilings in applications where prevention of both air infiltration and water penetration is required. Featuring heavy-duty, 16 gauge, welded steel construction and 5 stage iron phosphate coating with a white baked, paintable enamel finish, door is perfect for environments such as clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories, operating rooms, pharmaceutical buildings, etc. where an airtight/watertight seal is required.


  • Door: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Frame & Trim: 16 Gauge Steel, 1-1/2″ Wide Flange
  • Finish: 5 Stage Iron Phosphate Coating with White Baked Enamel, Paintable Surface
  • Latches: None – Stainless Steel Phillips Head Screw Closure Standard
  • Hinges: Continuous Stainless Steel Piano Hinge
  • Gasket: Continuous Bulb Trim Gasket
  • Air Infiltration: Less than 0.01 cfm/sq foot-ASTM E 283
  • Water Penetration: No leakage at 15.05 psf-ASTM E
  • Application: Walls, Ceilings, Exterior Use


  • Finishes: Stainless Steel
  • Latch: Stainless Steel Allen Head Screw Closure
  • Custom Sizes: Available on Request


The WB ADWT exterior access panel is available in a variety of sizes including 8×8, 12×12, 14×14, 18×18, 24×24 and more. In addition, custom sizes are available upon request. Door features a semi-concealed hinge, screw closure, continuous bulb trim gasket, and an exposed flange.

Manufactured for The Williams Brothers Corporation of America.