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WB FD-8500 Series Flush Fire-Rated Floor Hatch for 2 Hours

The best fire rated floor door in the industry. Proudly made in the USA, this flush fire rated floor door is perfect for any application where fire rated floor doors are required. This flush fire rated floor is built to be casted in to sit flush with the surrounding floor. A heavy duty diamond place finish makes this fire rated floor door perfect for nearly any application. The WB FD-8500 Fire Rated floor door has flush diamond plate cover for utility and general purpose applications. In subways, skyscrapers and everything in between, the WB FD incorporates the latest fire-resistant technology to protect floors above from fire below. Independently tested to NFPA 288 (ASTM E 119). Fire rated floor hatch perfect for fire rated floor hatch assemblies!

Construction Specifications:

Cover: 1/4" Aluminum diamond plate reinforced for 150 psf [732 kg/m2] live load, fitted with thermal-rated composite fire panel
Frame: Thermal-break frame with aluminum upper frame and stainless steel lower frame.
Finish: Cover and frame are mill finish aluminum. Hardware is stainless steel
Latch: Two-point slam latch
Hinge: Type 316 stainless steel
Spring Actuators: Stainless steel compression springs contained within the door assembly.
Automatic Hold-open and Closing Mechanism: Stainless steel hold-open arm to automatically hold the cover in the 90° position. Hold-open arm incorporates a mechanism to automatically close and latch the cover when heat breaks a UL-listed 165° F fusible link
Installation: Door is designed for installation in dry, interior locations only. Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions
Fire Rated: Warnock Hersey tested for a 2 hour fire rating, tested to NFPA 288 (ASTM E119)

• Special Sizes - available on request upon request

FD-8500 Fire Rated Floor Hatch for 2 Hours Fire Rated Floor Door


Flush Fire Rated Floor Door and Hatch Diagram

Model No. Door Size Material Shipping Wt Lbs. Price  Buy Now
FD-8500 24 x 24 Aluminum 36 $4,399.95
FD-8500 24 x 36 Aluminum 63 $5,149.95
FD-8500 24 x 48 Aluminum 73 $5,175.95
FD-8500 30 x 30 Aluminum 59 $5,300.95
FD-8500 30 x 36 Aluminum 73 $5,750.95
FD-8500 36 x 36 Aluminum 86 $5,950.95
FD-8500 36 x 48 Aluminum 109 $7,400.95
FD-8500 42 x 42 Aluminum 113 $8,750.95
FD-8500 48 x 48 Aluminum 127 $8,995.95

*A drawing of your exact floor door will be provided upon order for approval.

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Toll Free Phone 800 255-5515
Phone 540 636-4444
Toll Free Fax 800 822-5001
Fax 540 636-4455
E-mail: info@wbdoors.com