WB RDW 410 Series

Recessed Drywall Access Doors with Tape-in Flange

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Williams Brothers - WB DW 410 Series Recessed Drywall Access Door with Tape-in Flange

Recessed Drywall Panel Provides a Seamless Appearance That Blends in With Existing Wall or Ceiling!

The WB RDW 410 Series Recessed Drywall Access Door is a durable, recessed access panel designed for installation drywall walls and ceilings in applications where a fully-concealed appearance is desired. Featuring a heavy-duty, 14 gauge steel door and a white baked, paintable enamel finish, door gives you the option of installing matching piece of drywall into the recessed pan. In addition, with its concealed, a tape-in flange, door is perfect for luxury areas where matching the door panel to its surroundings is desired.


  • Door: 14 Gauge Steel with 5/8″ Recess to Accommodate Drywall / Gypsum
  • Frame & Trim: 16 Gauge Steel
  • Casing Bead: 1″ Wide, Perforated 24 Gauge Galvanized Drywall Flange
  • Finish: White Baked Enamel, Paintable Surface
  • Latches: Flush, Stainless Steel Cam Latch (opens with screwdriver)
  • Hinges: Fully-concealed, Pivot-rod Hinge (allows opening to 180°)
  • Applications: Walls, Ceilings


  • Finishes: Stainless Steel, Custom Colors
  • Locks: WB Cylinder Lock (keyed alike with 2 keys per lock), Mortise Lock (with or without core)
  • Gasket: Weather-resistant Neoprene on 3 Sides
  • Custom Sizes: Available on Request


WB RDW 410 Features & Benefits


The WB RDW 410 recessed access panel is available in a variety of sizes including 8×8, 12×12, 16×16, 18×18, 24×24 and more. In addition, custom sizes are available upon request. Door features a concealed hinge, stainless steel cam latches to prevent rust, and a mud-in drywall flange. In addition, panel also comes with plastic grommets so that cam latches can be easily accessed. Options include locks and gaskets plus stainless steel construction and custom colors.

Manufactured by The Williams Brothers Corporation of America. MADE IN VIRGINIA – USA.