WB WIN 1700 Series

Walk-In Insulated HVAC Duct Door with Gasket & Handle

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Williams Brothers - WB WIN 1700 Series Walk-In Insulated Duct Door with Gasket & Handle

Walk-In Duct Access Door Includes Insulation, Gasket and Two Handles!

This walk-in door for ductwork access features double wall, 20 gauge galvanized steel construction with exterior and interior door handles. Door is approved for both wall and ceiling use and is also available in stainless steel for use in damp locations. This walk in duct access door and access panel is perfect to allow access to duct work interior and air handling units.


  • Door: 20 Gauge Rust Resistant Galvanized Steel, Double Wall
  • Frame: 16 Gauge Galvanized Steel
  • Finish: Mill Finish
  • Latches: Two Exterior L Handles with Interior Latches
  • Hinges: Concealed, Continuous Piano Type
  • Insulation: 1″ Thick 3 lb. Density Insulation
  • Gasket: Neoprene Door-to-Frame Gasket (for temperature control and moisture resistance)
  • Application: HVAC Ductwork


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When you need duct access panel to access your HVAC equipment, choose the WB WIN 1700 Walk-In insulated duct access panel. This walk in duct access panel features insulation, gasket, and galvanized finish. With easy to reach L handles, the insulated duct access panel is perfect for nay situation where an access panel is required for HVAC purposes.

Manufactured for The Williams Brothers Corporation of America. MADE IN USA.