WB 6000 Series

Steel Roof Hatch Guard Railing Systems

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Williams Brothers - WB 6000 Series Steel Roof Hatch Guard Railing System

The Best Roof Hatch Guard Railing in the Industry – Durable & Corrosion Resistant!

The WB 6000 Series Steel Roof Hatch Guard Railing System is a durable, corrosion resistant guard railing that provides a permanent means of fall protection for roof hatch openings. Featuring galvanized steel construction, 6000 Series railings also offer a chain closure or an optional self-closing gate for additional safety.


  • Finish: Galvanized (hot dipped) Steel
  • Chain System: 3/16″ Proof Coil ASTM specification, Zinc Plated with Quick Link and ā€œSā€ Hook
  • Pipe Plug: Weather and Light Resistant for Pipe Ends
  • Bolts: Hex Head bolts 3/8″ Grade Z, Zinc Plated with Manufacturer’s Standard Washers Inside and Outside
  • Railing Fittings: Manufacturer’s Standard Cast Fittings, Galvanized
  • Sealant for Brackets: Manufacturer’s Standard


  • Finishes: Aluminum Construction
  • Self-Closing Gate: Spring Operated


WB 6000 roof hatch railings are available for most roof hatch and automatic fire vent sizes. Options include a self-closing gate and aluminum construction.

Manufactured for The Williams Brothers Corporation of America. MADE IN USA.