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Toll Free: 800-255-5515

WB R-APS 8150 Recessed Aluminum Floor Hatch (Tile/Carpet)

For sidewalks, floor and utility applications where rainwater control is a requirement.

Construction Specifications:

Cover: 1/4" (4.8mm) aluminum smooth plate cover reinforced for 300 psf live load and a 1/8" [3mm] recess to receive tile or carpet. Both cover and frame have a metal lip around the entire perimeter defining the recess. Equipped with a 316 stainless steel hold open arm with red vinyl grip that automatically keeps the cover in its upright, open position.
Frame: Extruded aluminum with an integral door seat on all four sides which has a groove to receive a cushion for noise dampening.
Finish: Aluminum cover and frame have mill finish which is protected during shipping and installation by an attached adhesive-backed vinyl material. All parts of the frame in contact with concrete have a coating of bituminous paint.
Hardware: 316 stainless steel hinges and tamper resistant bolts/lock nuts.
Security: Watertight 316 stainless steel slamlock with threaded plug, removable outside key, and fixed inside handle. The slamlock latches onto a 316 stainless steel striker plate that is bolted to the frame.
Installation: Installation shall be in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Steel
• Double door
• Special Sizes - available upon request

Click on CAD File icon below to access CAD drawings plus 3D and BIM models. (Note: Requires one-time registration at www.caddetails.com)

Model No. Door Size Material Shipping Wt Lbs. CAD Files
R-APS 8150 24 x 24 Aluminum 45
R-APS 8150 24 x 30 Aluminum 50
R-APS 8150 24 x 36 Aluminum 60
R-APS 8150 30 x 30 Aluminum 60
R-APS 8150 30 x 36 Aluminum 70
R-APS 8150 30 x 48 Aluminum 85
R-APS 8150 36 x 36 Aluminum 75
R-APS 8150 36 x 48 Aluminum 95
R-APS 8150 42 x 42 Aluminum 95

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Toll Free Phone 800 255-5515
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